Honorary award to Qin Yi

The Fundació Institut Confuci de Barcelona and the Asian Summer Film Festival believe this is one of the best results of this honorary award that will be for the actress known as the Chinese Ingrid Bergman, the great Qin Yi

83 Qin Yi was born in 1922 in Shangai and she was a cinephile from a young age. During the Japanese invasion of China she became an activist and after the war she became a very popular actress playing the main characters in classics such as Railway Guerrillas, Songs of the Youth and Women and Woman Basketball Player Number 5. Her roles were women with a strong personality and strong convictions. In the 80s, she appeared on several TV drama series such as Under the Eaves of Shanghai. She is 95 years old and she is still acting: this year she has filmed Kûkai with the well-known director Chen Kaige.

中国女演员秦怡 由巴塞罗那孔子学院基金会、比克 电影之夜和亚洲之家颁发的终生艺术 成就奖获奖者秦怡,是中国历史上最 伟大的女演员之一。 1922年出生于上海的秦怡自小就是 个影迷。她从小就爱看中国女演员阮 玲玉的默剧。在日本侵略中国的那段 时间她成为了知名的积极分子。战争 之后,她又一举成为十分受欢迎的电 影明星,曾主演过《铁道游击队》、 《青春之歌》、《女篮五号》等脍炙 人口的佳作,塑造了坚强、自信的女 性角色。在八十年代她凭借电视剧《 上海屋檐下》备受欢迎。 在她95岁时还在出演电影,今年她 出演著名导演陈凯歌的电影《空海》 (《妖猫传》)。 巴塞罗那孔子学院基金会与比克电 影之夜此次联合颁奖,将此份荣誉授 予号称中国的英格丽•褒曼的伟大女演 员秦怡。