Mr Boo (The Posterist)

Inauguration of the exhibition EL SUPERCARTELLISTA

They do not know who he is, but they know him well. Many Asian cinema enthusiasts have seen his work dozens of times, but they did not know his name.

The art of Yuen Tai-Yung is unique and universal because he is the author of most of the legendary posters of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or the Hui brothers films, and he’s the responsible for the image of big box office hits by production companies like Golden Harvest or Cinema City.

Yuen Tai-Yung turned the symbols of the golden age of Hong Kong cinema into illustration, by drawing and painting hundreds of posters from 1975 to 1992. The Asian Summer Film Festival pays homage to this film poster artist with the screening of the documentary The Posterist, directed by legendary Michael Hui’s son, and with an exhibition of his work.