The Asian Summer Film Festival travels around Catalonia before starting its 14th edition

The Festival Nits wakes up early this year like the rooster YouYou does and several previous events will be organised in collaboration with various Catalan festivals.

In June, the Asian Summer Film Festival presents the Chinese film Monster Hunt, which combines animation and real image, at MiniPop (Tarragona, June 2nd), a music festival with activities for the entire family, and at the specialised film festival Sant Cugat Fantàstic (June 17th). It is China’s biggest box office hit ever and it was greatly acclaimed in last year’s edition of the festival.

The Film Festival also presents the Noodle & Beer Night session: KUNG FU GIRLS! at Phenomena (Barcelona, June 30th), opening this year’s retrospective with the screening of Royal Warriors (Ultra Force) from Hong Kong with Maggi noodles for dinner and other surprises.

In July, the Film Festival presents two national premieres at the Badalona Cryptshow Festival: South Korea’s thriller The Priests and Fool Japan: The ABCs of Tetsudon a crazy anthology about Japan created by 26 directors (July 7th and 8th, respectively).