The Asian Summer Film Festival Jury awards the return of a real film noir from Hong Kong


Colour of the Game (Kam Ka Wai, Hong Kong 2018) has won the Jury Award of the 15th edition of the Asian Summer Film Festival ‘for being an honest and effective return to the 90s gangsters films’. The members of the Jury, Mònica Garcia Massagué, Toni Benages and Omar Parra, highlighted the ‘vague moral of the film, where it is impossible to identify the boundaries between the good and the bad’. The jury has also given a Special Mention award to the documentary The Cambodian Space Project: Not Easy Rock’n’Roll (Marc Eberle, Australia-Cambodia 2015), ‘an impressive story that has brought us closer a country, its society and the importance of women through music and love’.

On the other hand, the Audience Award and the Critics Choice Award have both selected the Thai film Bad Genius (Nattawut Poonpiriya, 2017) as the best film of this years edition. The audience praised the originality and the intensity of this film featuring gifted students that sell their knowledge to their classmates using the most creative cheating methods. The audience showed their enthusiasm during the screening, under the rain, until a thrilling ending with a triple turning point.

During the closing session, which took place on Sunday the 22nd at 6 pm at Cinema Vigatà, the 8 participant short films of the first edition of Vicsudon competition have been screened and the attending audience awarded Kaiju Porqui by Ferran Carbonell.

Guests that leave a Lasting Impression

One of the most impressive moments of this years edition was the visit of the main characters of the film Heroes Unite (Eiji Kamikura, Japó 2018) that took a stroll around Vic wearing their superhero outfits, which are extremely popular in Japan. Before the screening of the film they interacted with the numerous people in the audience, both kids and adults, that attended the session.

During their visit, the Heroes Unite producer, Shin Iizawa, received an Award for his prolific professional career (with more than 5,000 films produced).

Ohter guests this year were: Aether Lee, the producer of the Taiwanese documentary A Foley Artist (Wang Wan-Jo, 2017) and Reji Hoshino (the responsible of the Tetsudon compilation of Japanese short films that was shown at the Asian Summer Film Festival for the third year in a row). And the directors of several short films: Meiying MG-01 (Adrià Guxens, 2018), Sota l’olor de la figuera (Dawnoi Martí, 2018) and The Stained Flag (Dhanraj Barkote, 2018).

International Diplomats Attended

The number of diplomatic representatives from the countries of the films in the programme of the Festival increases every year. On this edition, Vic welcomed Japan’s Consul General, the Honorable Mr. Naohito Watanabe, China’s Deputy Consul General in Barcelona, Mrs. Lu Cijun and Mrs. Samerjit Limlikit in representation of the Royal Thai Embassy in Madrid.

The 2018 Asian Summer Film Festival has presented 31 films produced in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan and India. Of the 21 films premiered on the screens in Vic, 13 have been international premieres.

The festival has dedicated a retrospective and a new book of the festival’s publishing company to Stephen Chow, the actor and director from Hong Kong who created the film that opened the first ever Asian Summer Film Festival screening session in 2004: Shaolin Soccer, which also opened the 15th edition this year.

Nitòmans attending the festival were able to enjoy 32 parallel activities: concerts, martial arts performances, dance shows, workshops, exhibitions and talks between the 1st and the 15th of July within the Més Nits! Programme and from the 17th during the festival too.

The Festival keeps adding collaborations within the region (with more than 30 institutions involved in the organisation) and with the film industry of the country, supporting young creators.

The loyalty of the audience that attends the night screenings at Bassa dels Hermanos is complete and, furthermore, this year the number of people attending the screenings at the Cinema Vigatà has increased. The total number of people that have enjoyed the 15th edition of the Asian Summer Film Festival in Vic has remained just about 10,000 spectators.