Fantastic Special Guests

The festival welcomed several special guests this year, the director and producer Michelle Wang, one of China’s most promising directors. Wang presented in Vic the European preview of Bejing Carmen, her first feature-length film, which is inspired by the homonymous novel by Proper Mérimée. Another young director, the Nepalese Rajan Kathet presented Serdhak, The Golden Hill in Vic, a romantic and beautiful film about the contrasts of living in a city or in a remote village in the Mustang area in Nepal.

Reji Hosino also was at the Asian Summer Film Festival. The controversial Japanese screenwriter and producer impressed the audience with his charisma. Hosino was the president of the first ever jury of the Asian Summer Film Festival and presented a film outside the competitive section The Best of Tetsudon, a compilation of most unclassifiable short films of the Japanese independent film industry. Another member of the jury was the Korean director Kyu-jun Cho. In 2015 he released his first feature-length film Somehow that had its world premiere at the festival in Vic.

All our guests have been very positive about the quality of the programme, the activities and themed dinners and have helped spreading the news about the festival in Vic across borders.

We are very excited about having had Oriol Estrada and Rubén Ventura at the festival. Their films kicked off one of the new sections of the Asian Summer Film Festival, Ruta Marco Polo. This new adventure wants to present Western productions that talk about Asia.

Oriol Estrada, also known by his social media alias Capitán Urías, presented Songokumanía: el Big Bang del Manga, a documentary about the Dragon Ball craze in our country in the 90s. Rubén Ventura presented his short film Alma, based on the Asian myth of the red string that connects those who are destined to meet.