Mountain Cry wins the Jury Award at the Asian Summer Film Festival 2017

Mountain Cry wins the Jury Award at the Asian Summer Film Festival 2017. The documentary The Posterist received a Special Mention award for its portrait of the poster artist, Yuen Tai-Yung, who has captivated the audience of the festival during his visit in Vic.

The Audience Award was for the Korean action film Fabricated City (it is distributed by Isaan Entertainment and it was premiered simultaneously at the festival Movistar+ screenings and on Movistar Estrenos TV channel). The Critics Choice Award was for Duckweed, a successful Chinese auteur cinema feature from 2017.

Mountain Cry (Larry Yang, China 2016) is the film adaptation of the book by Ge Shuiping, a rural drama set in China in 1984 that condemns intolerance and prejudices. This film, a national premiere in Vic, also portrays an intense love story.

The international jury of the Asian Summer Film Festival, composed by Quim Casas, Pemba Chhoti Sherpa and Andrew Leavold, awarded the film because of its profound story of survival and redemption, the expressivity of the images and how the extraordinary characters journeys are presented. The jury also highlighted the wonderful interpretation of its leading actress, Lang Yueting.

The feature documentary The Posterist, directed by Hui See-Wai and the protagonist of the film, the illustration artist Yuen Tai-Yung, received a Special Mention from the Jury for its passion and love shown towards the portrayed character and because it represented the union, at a cinema in Vic, between spectators and popular cinema from Hong Kong.

In its 14th edition, the festival consolidates as an event that brings together specialised films with international projection and it also works for cultural integration locally. A total of 10,000 spectators attended the screenings and the activities organised by the 2017 Asian Summer Film Festival.

The Nits a la Bassa, the most popular screenings of the festival, also presented martial arts and dance exhibitions and themed dinners with food from China, Japan, India, South Korea and Hong Kong, with 1,000 people every night.

The Jury Award, Mountain Cry, that tells the story of a woman and her fight against the prejudices that surround her, closes an edition dedicated to strong women. On Saturday 22nd of July, it took place the presentation of the book KUNG FU GIRLS about action actresses from Hong Kong and China. The event was organised in collaboration with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels. The screenings organised at the library Joan Triadú were also a success, especially, the documentaries with a powerful feminist message such as Mira (Lloyd Belcher, 2016) and Gulabi Gang (Nishtha Jain, 2012).