The VICSUDON! is born, a short film competition based on the Japanese Tetsudon


The Asian Summer Film Festival starts a new initiative to promote audiovisual production; an open competition of free-themed short films with only two conditions: a maximum duration of 5 minutes and featuring characteristic items from Vic, the Festival or of the ‘Més Nits’ programme (activities that take place during the month prior to the Festival, at Vic Community Centres).

The Vicsudon! is inspired on the Japanese production Tetsuson: an annual short film compilation, created by Japan’s greatest fantasy and cult directors, that has been shown at the last two editions of the Asian Summer Film Festival in Vic. The objective is that the originality of the Tetsudon, the freedom of its proposals and the interaction that is created with the audience is mirrored in its local Vicsudon version.

The contest will be coordinated by Japanese director and producer Reji Hoshino, scriptwriter and one of the most prominent alternative film producers in Japan. Co-founder of the Tetsudon collective, Hoshino has become one of the most beloved guests by fans who attend the crazy latenight screenings of these Japanese anthologies.

The Audience is the Jury

The participating short films will be screened at the Vigatà Cinema on Sunday, July 22nd, the closing screening of the Asian Summer Film Festival.

Reji Hoshino will host the event guiding the audience with the usual Tetsudon mottos: “Give me the money back!” (if they don’t like the short film) or “Bravo, motherfucker!” (if they like it). The audience will decide their verdict by voting for the best film at the end of the night.

The prize for the best short film from Vicsudon! will be a pack of Blu-rays, DVDs and Asian Summer Film Festival merchandising.

The short films can be submitted in any format.
Filming and editing dates: from the 1st of July to 20th of July.
Submission date and place: from the 17th to the 20th of July at the Information Point of the Asian Summer Film Festival, at Bassa dels Hermanos or by email at