Royal Warriors Poster1


Retrospective | Special Screening


Hong Kong, 1986
Director: David Chung
Cast: Michelle Yeoh, Henry Sanada, Michael Wong, Reiko Niwa
Language: Cantonese (with Spanish subtitles) / Runtime: 93 min.
Distributor: Selecta Visión


Bond girl Michelle Yeoh returns for more thrill-a-minute on-screen action in this follow-up to Yes, Madam!, validating her role as Asia’s top female action superstar.

Yeoh plays the role of Michelle Yip, a Hong Kong policewoman who manages to thwart a hijacking attempt with the help of a Japanese Interpol agent Peter (Henry Sanada), and security guard Michael (Michael Wong).

When two of the hijackers are killed, their remaining friend vows revenge, intending to hunt down the wife and daughter of the Japanese Interpol agent before turning his weapon on Michael and Michelle. The two law enforcers join forces in a race against time to track down the ruthless mercenary before he has a chance to pick them all off one by one.