Satisfied and craving more

Growing is a verb that the Asian Summer Film Festival in Vic knows well. It has grown since its very first edition 13 years ago when it started as an open air screening and an Asian food dinner. It has seen an exponential growth since then. It always has had thirst for improvement, but it has been working step by step.

After the consolidation of the structure and the plan that started in 2009, the main objectives have been achieved this year, always with the original idea of keeping the popular and participative spirit. Once the projectors have been switched off, we think that the outcome is very positive.

We also would like to talk about something else that has grown; the team that makes the Asian Summer Film Festival happen thanks to their effort, drive and passion. It grows with more members of the Asian community from Vic. One of the main objectives of this festival is integrating all the different cultures that live in our city, bringing them closer so they meet and walk together.

One of the other challenges of the Asian Summer Film Festival is achieving the professionalisation of the festival. This is a long journey that has already started.