A Wide Representation of the Selected Films Will Attend the Asian Summer Film Festival


The next edition of the Asian Summer Film Festival (July 18-23th) will be honoured with the presence of artists from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan.

Taiwanese young actress Yao Aining, protagonist of Strange Tales of Love and Strangers, will come to Vic with the director, Raita Kuramoto, and the producers of the film (Stardust Pictures).

Yuen Tai-Yung, the leading cartoonist of The Posterist and the artist of the exhibition El Supercartellista, will also be at the Asian Summer Film Festival. Together with the director of the film, Hui See-Wai, he will talk about how it was being the main actor in a film, after so many years devoting himself to translating into drawings his cinematographic idols in Hong Kong.

The group of international guests will be completed by two artists who have already been at the Festival before: Japanese director Hoshino Hisao, who coordinated the anthology Tetsudon, The Kaiju Dream Match, and, for the second time, he will present the Nit golfa making us decide which shorts we love and which ones we loathe; and Andrew Leavold, an Australian director specialised in cinema from the Philippinnes. On this occasion, he will be a member of the Jury and will delight us with a fun Masterclass. The Jury of the Asian Summer Film Festival is completed by the journalist Quim Casas and Pemba Chhoti Sherpa Gole, a folkloric singer and coordinator of the Nepalese Film Festival of Barcelona.

With the participation at the festival of these professional artists and leading authors in their respective countries, the festival is positioned as a specialised event at an international level and, at the same time, it enhances the visibility of the city of Vic, its territory and its culture.

Àlex Guxens, director of the short Bittersweet Memories, Roberto Torregrossa, collaborator of the director of Mitaka Sumo SchoolRubèn Ventura, will be the Catalan guests we will get to meet in this 14th edition.