My Young Auntie


Women, protagonists of this edition

Along with the publication of the book Kung Fu Girls!, the Festival Nits will offer a retrospective of the female main characters of Chinese and Cantonese action films.

Whilst in Western action films women have always been relegated to secondary roles, in China and Hong Kong actresses like Moon Lee, Sharon Yeung Pan-Pan, Michelle Yeoh, Kara Hui, Maggie Q, Cheng Pei-Pei, Angela Mao or Mandy Ho have become big stars of the genre, with films released and reissued in the international market.

The retrospective includes iconic titles such as Yes, Madam, My Young Auntie, Iron Angels, Naked Weapon or the documentaries Dragon Girls! Les amazones pop asiatiques by Yves Montmayeur and The Beauties of the Shaw Studios, a trip to the old days of Hong Kong cinema through the most outstanding actresses of this studio.

The homage to these action women will continue after the festival finishes, with screenings that will take place at the Confucius Institute in Barcelona after the summer.