‘Anita,’ opening night of ASFF emerges as the top winner of the Hong Kong Film Awards

On the night of Sunday, July 17th, the Hong Kong Film Awards were held in Hong Kong, where Raging Fire —screened during the presentation session of the Asian Summer Film Fest— and Anita —this year's opening film—, were the big winners of the year. Benny Chan's posthumous work, Raging Fire, won the main awards; best film and best direction, as well as best editing and action choreography, while Longman Leung's biopic Anita was the most awarded with five prizes, including best supporting actress and best new actress. Leung's film can be seen tomorrow night, Tuesday, July 19th, at La Bassa dels Hermanos in Vic

The Asian Summer Film Fest, a great showcase for Hong Kong cinema

In addition to Raging Fire and Anita, the Hong Kong Academy Awards honored two films seen at the 2021 Asian Summer Film Fest. They are Zero to Hero, by Jimmy Wan, which had already won the last year's Grand Jury Prize; and One Second Champion, by Chiu Sin-Hang, which was part of the official section. The Hong Kong awards recognized Wan's film for Best Supporting Actor and Chiu Sin-Hang's film for Best Original Song. All in all, the Hong Kong Film Awards certify the Asian Summer Film Fest as a privileged showcase for the country's most outstanding films. In addition to the screening of Anita, at noon on Tuesday the festival will receive representatives of the Hong Kong Trade Office in Brussels, who will also be present at the opening session.