The Asian Summer Film Festival previews IP MAN 4 thanks to the collaboration of Movistar+

The 17th Festival Nits de cinema oriental (23-26 July) and the Movistar+ platform consolidate their collaboration by presenting a highly anticipated and high-level title. Ip Man 4, distributed by Cinemaran and Garbomedia, fourth and last part of this martial arts saga, will be seen in Vic for the first time throughout the State, in the closing session, and later, on the 23rd of August, it will be in Movistar+.

Donnie Yen

Donnie Yen twice, head and tail. The Cantonese actor will open the Festival Nits, with the state premiere of Enter the Fat Dragon (2020) and will close it with IP Man 4, in a joint session with the distributor Cinemaran and Movistar+. Yen puts himself in the shoes of Wing Chun's respected martial arts master. After the death of his wife, Ip Man, a teacher of Chinese martial arts and philosophy, travels with his son to the United States, invited by his famous disciple Bruce Lee. You will soon discover that the relationship between Chinese and Americans is complex and full of racist attitudes.

This is the culmination of a tetralogy turned into contemporary cinema history, not only to exhaustively capture the life of the master Ip Man, but for his outstanding cinematographic virtues. This last chapter of the series dazzles us again for its precious historical recreation, for the excellent choreographies and for showing, once again, martial arts as a remedy for injustices, this time exemplified in bullying and racism.