The aim of the Asian Summer Film Festival is to present Asian culture through the popular cinematography produced in the countries of this continent. This vision of Asia is also shaped with other aspects such as gastronomy, art and theatre (exhibitions, workshops, martial arts performances, traditional dances and popular plays).

The festival has an official competition selection with prizes such as the Jury Award, the Lucky Cat Award, given by the audience, and the Critics Award. There is also a children’s section, retrospectives, special screenings and themed marathons like the Late Night Screening and a Horror Night.

Films: Language and Age Ratings

-Films are shown in their original language with English + Catalan or Spanish subtitles. Some of the kids’ screenings are dubbed.
-Films have no age ratings.
-The festival declines all responsibility if parents do not consider suitable for children films shown outside the children’s sessions. Tickets are non-refundable when leaving the cinema after the film has started.

Screenings, Performances and Dinners at La Bassa dels Hermanos

-The outdoors themed dinners at La Bassa dels Hermanos are very reasonably priced and do not require booking. Tickets will be sold from 19h at La Bassa and food will be served from 20h.
-Check out the menus and the prices on the printed programme or on our website.
-The shows and performances at the outdoors stage at La Bassa dels Hermanos will take place between 20h and 22h.
-Dinners and screenings at La Bassa dels Hermanos are guaranteed because the festival will set up a marquee to provide shelter in case of rain.


A. Cinema Vigatà
Carrer de Verdaguer, 22
Tel. +34 93 885 20 65

B. Bassa dels Hermanos
Carrer d'Arquebisbe Alemany, 5
Tel. +34 93 883 33 25

C. Museu de l'Art de la Pell / Biblioteca Joan Triadú
Carrer d'Arquebisbe Alemany, 5
Tel. +34 93 883 33 25

D. Casino de Vic
Carrer de Verdaguer, 5
Tel. +34 93 885 24 62

E. Seminari de Vic
Ronda de Francesc Camprodon, 2
Tel. +34 93 886 15 55

F. Jazz Cava
Rambla de Montcada, 5
Tel. +34 93 889 25 05

i. Oficina de Turisme de Vic
Plaça del Pes, s/n
Tel. +34 93 886 20 91