The Jury and the Audience of the Asian Summer Film Festival Award the Diversity of the Festival Programme

The Jury has awarded two films ex aequo: Spring Sparrow (China, 2019) and Andhadhun (India,2018).

The Jury, formed by Sandra Takagi, Sergio Molina and Alfons Gorina, pointed out that their decision "reflected the richness of the festival", which presents a diversity of genres and styles. The debut feature of young director, Li Jingxiang, Spring Sparrow won the prize for "its sensitivity and naturalness" and the "social story of what migrating from the countryside to the city means". And because it is a "sincere film with a carefully crafted photography". The director, who spent the whole week in Vic, picked up the prize for her first film.

About Andhadhun, directed by Sriram Raghavan, the Jury recognises "the ability to surprise us through a script full of turns that maintains the spectator gripped" and manages to build "a jigsaw where everything fits."

The public agreed with these criteria and awarded the Gat de la Sort (The Lucky Cat Award) to this Indian production, a sample of high quality commercial cinema that completed, along with auteur films, the Asian Summer FF programme. For the first time, the closing ceremony and the awards announcements took place on Saturday, at the Bassa de los Hermanos, in front of a great number of spectators who attended the Indian Night.

Asian artists are seduced by the festival's charm

In addition to the director Li Jingxiang and one of the leading actors of Spring Sparrow, Ji Hongyang, Vic has also received the visit of the Thai action film star Jeeja Yanin at this years edition. The actress got the Asian Summer FF Honour Prize during the opening night, Tuesday 16.

For the fourth year in a row, the charismatic Reji Hoshino, producer and Japanese director, presented the last session of the festival on Sunday; the Tetsudon, an anthology of buzzing short films that also included participation from the audience.

The presence of international diplomacy has increased

The presence of diplomatic representatives from countries whose films are programmed at the festival grows every edition. On this occasion, visiting authorities came to Vic from Thailand, China and Japan. This is the case of Wissarut Rattanamoungkoltaworn, representative of the Thai Ministry of Culture; Samerjit Limlikit, counsellor of the Royal Embassy of Thailand in Madrid; Lu Cijun, Deputy General Consul of the General Consulate of the Republic of China in Spain and Chang Shiru, Chinese director of the Confucius Institute Foundation of Barcelona. As well as Mr. Naohito Watanabe, the Japanese General Consul in Barcelona, who visited Vic too.

In addition, the festival welcomed other important guests such as Sam Hui and Paul Leung, representatives of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels, with whom the festival has been collaborating over the past nine years.

The contest brought together 44 films produced in 8 different countries: China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Nepal and India. 25 of these feature films were premieres. The audience also enjoyed 37 parallel activities related to Asian culture and cinematic art during the month of July.