Asian Summer Film Festival: Linking Catalan and Asian cinema

The Festival Nits promotes and keeps track of all what has to do with Asian cinema in Catalonia in permanent collaboration with multiple professionals, festivals and institutions.

Thanks to the section ‘Marco Polo Route‘, where Western films with Asian ingredients are presented, the Festival supports various Catalan audiovisual projects connected, in contents or references, to Eastern countries.

This year’s program includes short films by young talents such as Rubèn Ventura and Adrià Guxens. The first one presented his work Alma in the 13th edition of the Festival and thanks to the media repercussion he got funding to shoot in Japan his second short documentary: Mitaka Sumo School, which we will see this year. As for Guxens, he presents Bittersweet Memories, an emotional tribute to his idol Wong Kar-Wai. Currenly, he is completing the post-production of Meiying MG-01, a short film with the associated production of the Asian Summer Film Festival, with Chinese actress Jinjin Chen (a member of Festival Nits team) in the leading role. In 2016, the festival hosted the presentation of the documentary project Godzilla & Hiroshima by director Jonathan Bellés, which will be seen in a future edition.