Action, Anime, and freakism in the Japanese program of the Asian Film Festifval 2021

The Japanese program of the Festival Nits de cinema oriental of Vic displays its full force in this edition. As usual, the filmography from Japan will have a great impact on the festival and las Thursday a new virtual presentation was released on the Festival's YouTube channel, where the new titles were presented.

It's a Summer Film, by Soushi Matsumoto, will be in the official section of Fesnits 2021. It is a coming-of-age of great beauty that promises emotions on the surface. Besides, in the official section Josee, the Tiger and the Fish will be presented, by Selecta Vision. It is an anime that adapts the original story of Seiko Watanabe, written in 1985, and with a live-action version produced in 2003.

As a novelty this year, the Festival Nits merged with Manga Barcelona and from this synergy comes a double session starring the superhero Kamen Rider, with two titles directed by Keita Amemiya, director, and creator of fantastic cult characters.

For otakus and fans in general of Japanese popular culture, this edition opens the Akihabara cycle, which takes the name of the commercial district of Tokyo and the mecca of Japanese freakism par excellence. On-Gaku: Our Sound is one of the most original and surprising proposals of the cycle. A film directed by Kenji Iwaisawa about a curious musical trio. Also, within this cycle, there will be two tokusatsu action films directed by Eiji Kamikur: Bright Star Sentai Gingasaijor and Special Agent JK Rinne.

The teen-slasher movie Beautiful Escape starring popular actress and model Inori Kirara is also joining the Fesnits. Set in a high school, it promises blood and revenge in a teen way. And for horror movie lovers, the international premiere of Versus: Unparalleled Violence is the perfect choice. Radical cinema in the festival with a mix of gore and action in the sequel directed by Hideo Sakaki and starring the usual Tak Sakaguchi.

And last but not least, a proposal where surrealism and fun are the protagonists, Planet Prince, by Minoru Kawasaki, a tribute to the series from the 50s, an essential moment of the 18th edition of the Festival Nits de cinema oriental of Vic, which will take place from July 20 to 25.