Horitzó Àsia Business Conference

On the 13th and 14th of July from 10 am, it will take place the third edition of the Horitzó Asia Business Conference at Creacció headquarters. It will be part of the UVic-UCC Summer University that is celebrated at the same time as the Asian Summer Film Festival. The main objective of these meetings is to present all the commercial opportunities the Asian continent offers.

The first round table is titled Artists from Osona in Japan with the popular illustrator Pilarin Bayés and the musician and White Noise band member, Quico Solà. Both of them will talk about their professional experience in the Japanese market and about the fact that their drawings and music are available in the country. The moderator of this event will be the Culture Councillor of the Vic Town Hall, Susagna Roura.

The following day, Antoni Puntí, industrial engineer, business man and president of Pioneer Electronics Iberica between 1986 and 2005, and Jordi Figueras, sales manager of Cacao Sampaka, will participate in the round table Japan, a new opportunity for Catalan companies. The discussion will be moderated by Jorge Lasheras, president of Japan-Spain Business Circle. Japan is one of the most demanding markets in Asia but, when Western companies get in, it means that they are completely trusted, they already have a good reputation and are well-known for the quality of their work.

The Casa Convelescència in Vic will hold the exhibition Paper i Lletres, l’Art de la cal·ligrafia japonesa, about the art of Japanese calligraphy. Mihoko Ono, Japanese painter and poet, expresses the peculiarity and sensitiveness of the strokes of Japanese characters with materials such as Japanese paper (washi) and ink. It will start on the 13th of July after the first day of Horitzó Àsia Business Conference and it will remain open until the 31st of August.

The exhibition will be complemented with a calligraphy workshop taught by the artist the following day, on Thursday 14th of July at 18 h.