Més Nits!

A few days every year, Asia comes to Vic during the Asian Summer Film Festival but, this year, the stay will be longer than usual thanks to Més Nits!, a new collaboration with Vic Community Centres. From the 27th of June until the 10th of July, Asian culture, especially Japanese culture this year, our guest of the 2016 festival, Community Centres of the city will be filled with workshops, exhibitions, outdoors and family activities, competitions, talks, screenings…

Would you like to surprise you friends with mouth watering makis or yakisoba? Would you like to turn into Doraemon whilst eating the Dorayakis he loves so much? Would you like to look younger after a facial massage that will give you glowing skin? Or to get to know the yokais a lot better, the naughty Japanese spirits? Or to sing-along legendary TV series soundtracks such as Dragon Ball, Doraeamon, Mazinger Z or Dr. Slump in a karaoke? Would you like to learn the Japanese basics to travel around or shake your body dancing to a catchy Bollywood song?

If you cannot stop answering yes, Yes, YEs, YESSSSS… hurry up and book your place.

Registration opens on June 14.

Check out the full programme: