Nights on Tour. We like to travel by Night


The Asian Summer Film Festival extends its activity across all the territory collaborating with other festivals by programming films and organising events outside the festival calendar. This way, the Nitòmans’ flame stays alive throughout the year and the festival supports other projects that are also committed to Asian culture.

This 2018 the route started with a series of Kung Fu Girls screenings at the Institut Confuci in Barcelona, a collaborating institution of the festival. And in the forthcoming months, the Festival will also be present at the following events around Catalonia:

1st of June: MINI-POP TARRAGONA (9:30 p.m.)
Screening of the Japanese animated film Cats (Mikinori Sakakibara and Kunihiko Yuyama, 2016).
With the adventures of countryside cat that goes to Tokyo. It is an adaptation of the book written by Hiroshi Saitô and Hammo Sugiura, with characters that perfectly recreate cat gestures.

16th of June: SANT CUGAT FANTÀSTIC (8:15 p.m.)
Saving Sally (Avid Liongoren, Philippines 2016).
Marty is a young cartoonist who falls in love with his best friend. Avid Liongoren has taken 10 years to complete this poetic and dazzling mix of animation and real image, with references to pop culture, steampunk and video games.

19th of June: CINECLUB VIC (9:30 p.m.)
Mountain Cry (Larry Yang, China 2016).
This rural drama, which condemns the intolerance of a collective corroded by prejudices, is also one of the most beautiful and unpredictable love stories we have recently seen in cinemas.

30th of June: ZUMZEIG CINECOOPERATIVA, Barcelona (9:00 p.m.)
Starry Starry Night (Tom Lin, China 2011), winner of the 9th Asian Summer Film Festival. An imaginative and tense story about the end of childhood and the loss of innocence. The film also defends art as therapy, as a tool against violence and as a key element in children education. 

The session will include musical and gastronomic surprises, thanks to the Asian Summer Film Festival collaborators Maggi and Cerveses Montseny.

7th of July: CRYPTSHOW BADALONA (10:30 p.m.)
Fabricated City (Park Kwang Hyun, South Korea 2017). 
Kwon Yoo has socialising problems and is hooked to a virtual reality game. An accusation of murder will make the real world and the virtual world begin to be confused.