YATSURUGI 8 鳳神ヤツルギ8

Children's matinee | In competition


Japan, 2019
Director: Hiroshi Nagai
Cast: Kyota Aizawa, Yumi Fujikoso, Daiki Kikkawa, Kasumi Tsuji
Language: Japanese with Spanish subtitles / Runtime: 92 min.


A young man gifted with the spirit of the mythical phoenix, a brilliant inventor with the heart of a lion, and a shrine maiden with the magic of the air; this unlikely trio defends the city of Kisarazu, each able to become an armored warrior with great powers.

After the successful Tokusatsu session of the last edition of the festival, we repeated with a new installment of Yatsurugi, the hero par excellence of Chiba.

World Premiere