MEIYING MG-01 (Short)

Marco Polo | Short


Catalonia, 2018
Director: Adrià Guxens
Cast: JinJin Chen, Wenjun Gao, Marta Angelat, Stephan Wiks
Language: Mandarin (With Catalan Subtitles) / Runtime: 13 min.


In a world where Humanity has ceased to smile, the Government has created the Smiles, a kind of neogeishas that have the only function to please their clients. Meiying MG-01 is the first of a new beta model, but it has flawed, although it can do many more things than others, it can not smile…

Meiying MG-01 is the most ambitious project by Adrià Guxens, a young director seduced by Asia. The Asian Summer Film Festival has participated in the production of this short that goes deep into themes such as beauty, perfection and self-deception.

 FesNits Premiere