THE MAN WHO FEELS NO PAIN मर्द को दर्द नहीं होता

Official Competitive Section


India, 2018
Director: Vasan Bala
Cast: Abhimanyu Dassani, Gulshan Devaiah, Radhika Madan
Language: Hindi and English with Catalan and English subtitles / Runtime: 134 min.


Surya doesn’t feel pain and makes the most of it to learn martial arts and beat local thugs up. However, as the first line of the film says: ‘The most astonishing stories are preceded by the most hillarious and wrong decisions’.

You cannot miss the Crowd Pleaser film of the year, a mix of Bollywood, 80s films and martial arts that works well thanks to its charm and enthusiasm. And because it has a villain who is the Indian Nicolas Cage. It’s a must-see.

Spanish Premiere