Asian Summer Film Festival 2020

This year’s edition of the Festival Nits de cinema oriental represents a challenge due to the circumstances we are experiencing. However, we bet on a festival with a format as similar as possible to the original because we believe it is part of our identity. The popular and participatory spirit of the Festival Nits is very much alive, although we will probably have to do some juggling. Thus, the festival will be held as always at the Bassa dels Germans Maristes, better known as the “Bassa dels Hermanos ” and at the Vigatà cinema with the usual passion and enthusiasm, but taking the necessary security measures.

IMAGE 2020

Our lucky cat, Maneki Neko, juggles Chinese plates, but without losing the smile and good shape. This is precisely what the festival aims to prove with this new edition adapted to the circumstances. The authors of this image are the illustrator Xevidom and the studio Disseny Partee. This year's festival will be held from 23 to 26 July, fewer days but with a very complete program that will combine the great quality blockbusters with the most personal independent cinema.



This Hong Kong production stars a heavyweight Donnie Yen and mixes comedy and martial arts. It is a film full of ingenuity and spectacular martial choreographies. Who told you we won’t be traveling this summer? We will accompany Donnie to Tokyo.



This year's inaugural film gets the name and some plot elements from the 1978 title, directed and starring the great Sammo Hung, in which he paid tribute to the admired Bruce Lee. The festival will take the opportunity to screen, in a restored copy, this classic of old school Hong Kong cinema.


But we do not only offer martial arts. At the festival, you can also discover some more authorial jewels, such as Changfeng town, a delicate Chinese film, signed by young director, Wang Jing, who follows the premise of Li Jingxiang with the award-winning Spring Sparrow of the last edition. This film will take us to another trip full of nostalgia and sensitivity to the China of the 80s.


One of the highlights cinematography every year at the Festival Nits is India. La Bassa and El Vigatà will once again be filled, respecting the distances, with the colours and music of Bollywood, but, as we did last year with ANDHADHUN, we will also discover a film of a shocking genre. In 1970, in the ravines of Chambal, a group of rebels, led by Man Singh, escape from the police. However, an unexpected encounter will change the course of history. This is an aggressive, tense and unpredictable western.