A very lively children’s section


As every year, the festival’s children’s morning sessions will offer a good variety of styles and stories. In the previous press release we advanced titles such as Yatsurugi 9, some of the usual Japanese heroes at the festival, and Promare, an action film with a very innovative animation style.

In addition, we will have the great animated phenomenon of the season in China, The legend of Hei. This film tells the story of Xiao Hei, a demon cat capable of transforming into a human and who will be forced to leave the forest and travel to the big city. The message is none other than to cry out in alarm at the poor progress and abusive use of technology. The film presents an animation compared by specialized media to that of the Ghibli and Kyoto Animation productions.

In addition to feature films, the children’s program of the contest will be completed with three short films that stand out for their artistic quality and social message. The three works are L’enfant et le Poulpe, a co-production between South Korea and France, A folded Wish from Malaysia, and A Barber in a Bald Town from South Korea.