New Collaborators

The event adds new players to the work that is carried out regularly with local associations and local companies: the Vic Comerç association, with the participation of the Art School of Vic, will turn the streets near the Bassa dels Hermanos into a perfect Chinatown setting and a Vic Comerç card will be offered to guests, accredited spectators and Nitòmans that will have advantages in participating stores in Vic. Promotions and activities will be organised by both Vic Comerç and the Asian Summer Film Festival.

There is also a new collaborating company: Cervesa del Montseny. This handcrafted beer, a local company, will create a special edition for the festival: the Nitòmana.

During the month before the festival, the Més Nits programme will once again fill the Cultural Community Centres of Vic and other venues with workshops and activities. And, in collaboration with the Local Cooperation Council of Vic, the festival programme will also include a series of documentary films about social issues followed by a panel discussion with experts.