PLANET PRINCE 2021 遊星王子2021

Akihabara | Official Competitive Section


Japan, 2021
Director: Minoru Kawasaki
Cast: Sho Higano, Nana Oda
Language: Japanese with Spanish Subtitles / Runtime: 97 min


Planet Prince was the protagonist of a tokusatsu series of the 50s, one of the pioneers of the genre and the favourite of Japanese children before the arrival of Ultraman.

In this film by Minoru Kawasaki, one of the current fantasy cult directors, he brings the superhero to today's Japan to defend our planet from a new threat. The director's surreal comedy is joined by the designs of the legendary mangaka, Kia Asamiya (Silent Mobius, Nadesico), and tons of wholesome shamelessness.

International Premiere

Original: SENKOSHA, Original Screenplay: MASARU IGAMI